BYE RADON The only IoT solution to measure radon gas in long-term and real time Know more

Long-term measures

For safe and effective measurements

Real time measurements

To take mitigation actions when they’re really necessary

Nb- IoT Connection

No need for previous network infrastructure

Incorporated light and notice

When the reference level is surpassed

2 additional sensors

To measure humidity and temperature

IoT Dashboard

To monitor all the devices displayed worldwide

Data Analysis

Easy integration with existing mitigation systems

Adaptive position

Includes wall mounting system


Residential use

In order to keep your loved ones out of risk, Bye Radon sends you a warning when concentration levels exceed the marked limit.


So that our children are not exposed to this mortal danger from such an early age and for so many hours that school hours entail.


To be able to keep the most vulnerable people out of the reach of this health-damaging gas.

Public Sector

(Town halls, counseling, etc.)

In order to comply with the European Directive 2013/59 and thus keep radon levels below what it states (300 Bq/m3).

Our network

But also

  • No need of previous network infrastructure
  • You can Access real time data from anywhere around theworld
  • Measurement are in short, medium and long term
  • You can analyze the measurements in real time made fromall the devices that are settled worldwide
  • No need of radon proffessionals
  • Null time of installation
  • You can integrate it into your own IoT platform or use ours
  • The device has a self-calibration system
Learn more about radon gas
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