Nov 25

Home radon exposure is raising due to pandemic say experts

Evict Radon, a Canadian non-profit organization and team of university scholars dedicated to solving Canada’s large and worsening radon-gas exposure problem, has launched a new survey to understand the global pandemic’s impact on residential radon exposure.

“The trend toward working from home has been slowly increasing over the past decade. But those numbers have shifted dramatically in 2020 due to the widespread changes caused by COVID-19,” said Goodarzi.

Normally, radon dilutes to virtually nothing as it emerges in outside air, but our buildings can often concentrate radon to hazardous levels not normally seen in nature – thus, high radon exposure is a human made problem that is now the second leading cause of all lung cancers.

Canada contains some of the highest radon- generating soils on our planet, with modern Canadian homes concentrating radon to increasingly high, cancer-causing levels. This trend continues to worsen, with Prairie provinces now being home to the second-highest radon-exposed population on earth. Preliminary work by researchers indicates a 35% jump in residential radon exposure from March 2020 onwards.

Let’s increase awareness regarding radon exposure, so that people can live in a safer world and know this real danger.

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