Nov 11

Radon action month launched in Thunder Bay

November is Radon Action Month. Six years ago, the Thunder Bay District Health Unit broke the news: this area has a significant radon problem! 16% of homes tested in Thunder Bay have radon readings above Health Canada’s recommended remediation level of 200 Bq/m3. Results were even higher in surrounding municipalities like Oliver Paipoonge, where 65% of homes were above the guidelines.

The only way to know if levels are high in your home is to measure it. One way is through a simple test, that will check if there are high levels in a three month period. But if you want to be totally safe you need an active measurement device like Bye Radon, that will warn you in real time when you have harmful radon concentration.

Even side by side houses can have very different test results, so every home needs to be tested. Factors such as the geology below your home as well as differences in construction and age of the house have a dramatic effect on radon levels.

We are very happy to see that the visibility of this mortal danger is increasing with some activties in Canada. EcoSuperior, with the support of Health Canada will be running a series of Radon Information webinars throughout November and December.

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